The Expo Event

The EXPO comes to the grand annual event organized by “ILE” in which the most important areas of care for the benefit of the Latino community are covered, all this is for free, among which are:

  • The consular representation of all the Spanish-speaking countries for the purpose of bringing their services to benefit the Latino community.
  • Being a business platform with the presence and participation of large corporations and providing room for participation to medium and small businesses in promoting their products and services.
  • A broad participation of services in health and wellness through which provides assistance and consultancies in the area.
  • Advising on legal issues relating to immigration and the channeling of opportunity in education.
  • The promotion of cultural activities and folklore of every Hispanic nation that live in the community of Indiana.

In summary, the Expo is a key access to the most important areas in the field of Education, Health, Business, Consular Services, Culture and Sport which come together in one place at the disposal of the assistants for the interests of development and welfare of the Latino community as well as Indiana in general.